New IO-Link Intelligent Level Sensor SIS

New sanitary IO-Link programmable level sensor unaffected by foam and residuals, suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning, 2 indipendent outputs

SCX2 Vibrating Fork Float Switches

The SC Series tuning fork liquid level switch does not require any calibration, is easy to install and will operate properly as a high, low or intermediate level switch with a wider range of fluids. A “sister” product line, the SC35 series vibrating fork level switch for powder and bulk solids, the SC series tuning fork liquid level switch has the same high reliability and performance.

SIS Sanitary Intelligent Level Switches

SIS cert
SIS intelligent level sensor is based on the working principle of frequency sweep technology. The sensor tip will send out electric field signal, and different resonance frequency is created according to different medium letting the sensor to be not affected from foam and viscous media. If needed, the sensor can be easily calibrated through IO-Link.

SD Optical Level Switches

SD series is optical level switch line that use infrared technology. In the absence of the liquid at the sensor tip the light is reflected back to the sensor’s receiver. When the target liquid is present, the light is refracted into the liquid and away from the sensor. These optical level switch devices are compact, cost-effective and ideal for a wide variety of fluids.

FDM Mini Float Level Switches

The FC/FD Series is mini magnetic float level switch product line that is very cost-effective and compact. As such these magnetic float level switch units are easily installed on small machinery and in areas where very little space is available inside/outside the vessel in which they are installed.

FFX Side Mounting Float Switches

FFX cert
The FF series is magnetic float level switch product line consisting of rugged, industrial grade float level switches using the principles of buoyancy and magnetism to provide level detection of fluids with specific gravity ranging from as low as 0.25, thereby ensuring a very wide range of application and use.

FCD Magnetic Float Switches

FDX cert
The FC/FD series is magnetic float level switch product line based upon principles of buoyancy and magnetism. Floats are designed for a specific minimum fluid density , specific gravity. FC/FD float level switch is more cost effective than competing technologies when multiple switch points are required from a single point of entry in a vessel.

FAX/FBX Cable Float Switches

FAB cert
The FA/FB series cable float level switch is designed for single (FA) or multipoint (FB) liquid level switch detection over a wide range of lengths. The FA/FB float level switch can provide an open, closed or open/closed contact arrangement when the float angle is greater than its actuation angle.

Rotary Paddle Level Switches

The purpose of the rotary paddle level switch is to detect the presence of solid/powdery material in most kinds of tanks, bins and containers. The unit is usually located through a bin wall at the top, middle or low level of a bin. Rotary paddle level switch are a reliable solution for level control of solids and powders.

Vibrating Probe Level Switches

Vibrating probe level switches are highly versatile and can be used for most almost any bulk solid application.  They are ideal for applications with low dielectric materials, sticky materials, and when ther are fdifferent materials in the tank. The vibrating probe provides a reliable & maintenance-free means of process control for bulk solids. 

Capacitive Level Switches

Capacitance Switch for liquids and solids can be used in mediums such as liquids, pastes, syrups, powders, granules, flakes and chips. It’s broad application and rugged build makes it a highly versatile across all industries. These switches work well in mediums with reasonably high dielectric constants or conductive solutions.

RF Admittance Level Switches

RF-Capacitance /Admittance level switch consists of a guard section, upper insulation, main probe and grounding. The guard section is designed to overcome possible medium attachment and to secure signal accuracy. The special structure is suitable for detecting different mediums without being affected by attachments.

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