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Le nostre ultime news


New Mini Paddle Level Switch
New serie of paddle level switches with extended operating temperature range -40…+200°C. The new design results in a very compact level switch with great performances that puts it at the…
New IO-link Intelligent Level Sensor
New intelligent level switchsed unaffected by foam and residuals. The compact design facilitates installation even in the area of narrow space or difficult operations. Suitable for use in the CIP…
SMART Led Tower
Innovative LED tower lights with smart aluminim foldable base for top installation or side intallation in the same product. Highly bright colours and 2 level of buzzer lets this tower…
New Electromagnetic Flow Transmitters
Based on Faraday’s law of induction technology, new EPD offers high accurate and stable measurement. Designed for a wide range of applications, EPD is not affected by density, viscosity, temperature,…