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New IO-link Intelligent Level Sensor

New intelligent level switches that are unaffected by the presence of foam or residue. Compact design simplifies installation even in tight spaces or difficult operations. Ideal for use in CIP and SIP cleaning applications.

The operating principle of the sensor is based on sending a ‘scan frequency’: different materials emit different frequencies, so the sensor will send the switching signal when it is powered by the material.

  • Easy installation via standard connection with IP67/IP68/IP695 protection.
  • Compact design, easy to transport; can be installed in confined spaces or harsh operating conditions.
  • Surface roughness (Ra) can be customised and is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
  • Equipped with a magnetic test function to examine wiring and operating conditions in real time.
  • Durable stainless steel housing.
  • Real-time field monitoring via LED indicators.
  • Overcurrent protection that immediately detects and shuts off the output in the event of an overcurrent.
  • Can be used in CIP and SIP cleaning environments.
  • Unaffected by foam and viscous medium.
  • Applicable for measuring the single level of liquid, viscous medium and powder medium in the container and pipeline; also provides protection against dry running of the pump.
  • It provides 2 output signals and the sensitivity can be adjusted independently; this helps to detect 2 types of medium. (For example: oil and water).