New IO-Link Intelligent Level Sensor SIS

New sanitary IO-Link programmable level sensor unaffected by foam and residuals, suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning, 2 indipendent outputs


Detecting light grids monitor a defined area with invisible, infrared light beams. The light grid systems consist of a transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX). They operate on the principle of multiple through-beam light barriers. If any beam between transmitter and receiver is interrupted, this is registered by the internal controller and signalled through the push-pull switching outputs.



Access Monitoring


Door Monitoring


LT Light Grids


The LT40 were specifically developed for use in elevators, doors and gates. They are very easy to install, cost-efficient and available in wide monitoring heights.

The product stands out through easy set-up, cost efficiency as well as its availability in various lengths. 

In particular, our LT36 and LT40 are tailored to the requirements of EN81-20. The use of 36 or 40 parallel beams and a beam spacing of 46 mm ensures reliable detection of objects from 50 mm diameter. Both models are mechanically compatible with the predecessor model LT20 and can thus be used to upgrade existing elevator systems.


LS Light Grids


Typically used in monitoring and process control applications and in automatic storage systems, the LS light grids offer enhanced functionality and performance over their predecessor. 

The LS light grid is our “all-rounder” for many applications as logistics, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and packaging technology, among others. These light grid has an extended monitoring range and optimized blind areas. They can be individually configured and, thanks to their compact dimensions, they can be integrated even in limited spaces. The range adjustment is automatic with self-tuning and diagonal beams can be activated and allow a higher monitoring density. 

An innovative highlight is the circuit-controlled function selection through supply voltage polarity. Two different device profiles can be selected via changing the polarity of the supply voltage. Thus it is possible to switch easily between two monitoring ranges or light/dark switching logic, without having to load different configuration parameters into the controller.


Measuring light grids control a defined monitoring area with several invisible, infrared light beams. The light grid systems consist of a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX) in slim anodized aluminium profile and an external controller. They operate on the principle of single beam evaluation whereby the signal strength of each individual beam is detected by the external controller. Thereby, complex measurement tasks can be performed and the controller activates corresponding outputs as well as digital data transfer.

Height Measuring


Contour & Volume Measuring


Transparency Control


Edge Control


Sag Control


Transparency Control


LI Light Grids


The LI light grids are specially developed for fast measurement tasks and object detection. 

They are successfully used in mechanical and plant engineering, packaging technology and logistics. LI light grids stand out through simple set-up and slim design. With the external controller available with major data output protocols from RS232 to Ethercat, the blind area is minimized. A wide range of system options offers maximum flexibility. 

Due to its versatility, the LI light grid can be configured for a wide range of applications.

LF Light Grids


The key advantage of the LF-profiles is in their internal electronics which enable extremely short beam cycle times of only 6 µs. 

The LF light grid is our extremely powerful light grid. It is mainly used in logistics, packaging technology and mechanical and plant engineering. 

In combination with the external FAW controller, the LF light grid offers extremely short cycle times down to 6 µs.  The light grids are mechanically identical to the LI products.


The fastest controller available



Positely driven contacts controller



High versatility & multiple options.



Up to 2 pairs of light grids, high versatility

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